“This is my first CD release! I can only guess that a first release is always special. I will never forget how it felt holding it in my own hands.
Susi broke her leg just before the recording session. She ended up playing the piano with her injured leg supported by an extra chair. Tough sister! Respect.”

Release year: 1994
Label: Storyville Records

Recorded by Carsten Neumann at Elsound Studio, Copenhagen
Mixed by Bjarne Hansen, Sun Studio, Copenhagen

Line up:
Dalia Faitelson: guitars & vocals
Susi Hyldgaard: piano, keyboards & accordion
Johannes Lundberg: double bass
Niels Werner Larsen: drums
Marilyn Mazur: percussion

1. Dahab
2. Eye Of The Morning (audio)
3. East West
4. My Treasure
5. The Trail Of The Tail (audio)
6. Captain Mustafa (audio)
7. Common Ground
8. Cheek To Cheek
9. Alone With You (audio)