“The Global Sound Project was born in the legendary Avatar Studios, NY. Jerry hooked me up with Adam that hooked me up with Randy & Manolo. Great cats! Thommy & Lelo joined me in NY. There was a heavy storm in the city at that time; Jerry almost couldn’t make it from Boston. I had an unforgettable experience with the best crew possible & we finished recording in less than 12 hours. I was 6 months pregnant at that time with my son Adam. I remember having to carry back to Denmark 4 large wheels of audiotapes and being stopped in the airport both in the US & England for questioning.”

“Diamond Of The Day” received a Danish Grammy Award in 2000

Release year: 1999
Label: Stunt Records

Recorded by Malcolm Pollack at Avatar Records, NY.
Mixed by Ole Hansen & Benjamin Koppel at Sound Track Studio, Copenhagen.

Line up:
Dalia Faitelson: guitars & vocal
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Jerry Bergonzi: sax
Lelo Nika: accordion
Thommy Andersson: double bass
Adam Nussbaum: drums
Manolo Badrena: percussion
Susi Hyldgaard: vocal (track 1)

1. Diamond Of The Day (audio)
2. Advancing Hours
3. Moodwalk
4. Exposure
5. Facing South (audio)
6. Loud Tree (audio)
7. Fistful Of Flowers
8. Ever Everland (audio)
9. Lullaby For Elisheva