“While creating my 7th album, I found home. Using for the first time my mother tongue, Hebrew, opened a whole new world for me. It was a journey worthwhile & felt natural for me all the way. I was always afraid to use a language that my audience won’t understand but I guess I was wrong. Yes, the lyrics mean the world to me but ended realizing that I could still express my self & get through to my listeners.
Lelo & Thommy followed me for many years. They are like family. They understand me with out words. It is the greatest gift to play with these amazing guys & having Jarrod Cagwin on percussion only lifts the music to higher grounds.”

“Pilpel” was nominated for a Danish World Music Award as “Best Album of the Year.”

Release year: 2007
Label: Double Moon, Germany

Recorded by Tim Harris at Bach Studio, Copenhagen.
Mixed by Jan Erik Konghaug at Rainbow Studio, Oslo.

Line up:
Dalia Faitelson: guitar & vocal
Lelo Nika: accordion
Thommy Andersson: double bass
Jarrod Cagwin: percussion

1. Zuzi Zuzi (audio)
2. Im Siba O Bli Siba (audio)
3. Oy Ko Cham
4. Yona Avuda
5. Ga A Guim (audio)
6. Pilple
7. Hizdamnut Nosefet
8. Erev Shel Shoshanim (audio)
9. Enosh
10. Neshikat Gamal