“This is my second release. I’m more experienced & for my advantage the recordings & mixing went very smooth. It was a pleasure recording in Sun Studio with Bjarne Hansen behind the wheels.
I had the great honor to have Jerry Bergonzi joining us in the studio. He contributed total new sound and I’m grateful for that.
Some of my best compositions are presented on this recording.”

Release year: 1996
Label: Stunt Records

Recorded & mixed by Bjarne Hansen at Sun Studios, Copenhagen.

Line Up:
Dalia Faitelson: guitar & vocal
Jerry Bergonzi: sax
Lelo Nika: accordion
Niels Uhlbrand: piano & keyboards
Susi Hyldgaard: vocal (track 1 & 4)
Thommy Andersson: double bass
Magnus Östrand: drums
Lisbeth Diers: percussion

1. Look Inside (audio)
2. Tomorrow Tomorrow
3. On Rising Spirits
4. Voices Forgotten
5. Open Passage (audio)
6. Cats & Frogs
7. The True, The Good & the beautiful
8. Dreams In Black & White (audio)