“This album is the most demanding and fulfilling album I created. It is ambitious & technically complicated.
My aim with this project was to convey spirituality beyond a specific religion & to embrace the glory of nature through my music
Some of the recordings were done in Israel & the rest in Denmark.
On this album I mixed classical & rhythmical choir. We worked for months trying to create a new sound, inspired by Gregorian chants but still with an original expression.
I’ve been searching for the right musicians all over the world. After trying the Egyptian scene I found it politically too difficult & shifted to Israel and its best choice of folk musicians. I gained forces with the amazing Palestinian musician Sammer Makhoul that arranged my music in a traditional Arabic style.”

Release year: 2011
Label: Gateway Music, Denmark

Recorded by Bill Tsur at Bardo Studios, Israel.
Mixed by Lelo Nika, Malmô, Sweden.

Line up:
Fimmer Engel: soprano
Rachel Yatzkan: soprano
Marte Schau: alto
Dalia Faitelson: alto
Gaute Grimeland: tenor
Peter Lindeman Jørgensen: bass

Sameer Makhoul: oud & violin
Alfred Hajar: ney flute
Ilan Kravitz: cello
Thommy Andersson: double bass
Itamar Deori: percussion (tracks 1, 5 & 8)
Jarrod Cagwin: percussion (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7)

1. Mother Earth
2. Fire
3. Bouquet Of Stars
4. Seas Of The World
5. King Of darkness
6. Trees
7. Four Winds
8 Queen Of Light